Hours after a video went viral on social media of two staffers of a pet clinic brutally assaulting a dog, the Manpada police in Thane took cognizance of a matter and registered an offence. The police said that they registered a case of noncognizable offense against the two men.

According to the police officials, a video began spreading on social media on Tuesday morning where two workers of a pet clinic were seen beating and kicking a pet dog inside the premises of the clinic.

Animal lover Nilesh Bhanage, who is also founder of NGO PAWS, said, “It appears that the parents of the dog had gone out of station for a wedding and kept their dog at the clinic during which the incident took place.”

One of the two staffers allegedly shot the video after which they posted it on their Snapchat accounts. “From there it was picked up by an activist, following which it went viral on social media,” said Bhanage.

Several animal lovers, celebrities and politicians condemned the act committed by the two and insisted on authorities to take strict action against them.

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In a post on Instagram, Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray said, “Just came across this video. This man deserves nothing less than a double of how he treats these voiceless creatures.”

Malaika Arora posted, “I am in shock.. this disgusting human needs to be punished… how the hell does violence like this get away. This guy and the authorities need to be punished. Pls do something.. this bloody monster of a guy is laughing and harming that poor helpless dog for his damn entertainment.”

Later in the day, the matter was reported to the police by a veterinary officer from Thane Municipal Corporation.

“After watching the video, I checked and came to know that the video came from Vetic Pet Clinic at Manpada in Thane, after which me and my co-workers went to the location at 1pm,” the veterinary officer said in her statement to police .

The two workers of the clinic were identified as Mayur Michael Aadhav, 19, and Prashant Sanjay Gaikwad, 20, and they were taken to the police station.

Subsequently a non-cognisable offense under section 11 (1) of the Animal Cruelty Act was registered at Manpada police station.

Owing to a gathering of political workers and animal lovers protesting outside the clinic, the officials said that the owners of the pet clinic had to shut the shop on Tuesday.

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