MIAMI – With inflation at record highs and families living paycheck to paycheck, the demand for services has increased at the only low-cost full-service animal hospital in Miami-Dade County.

Dr. Joy Carter, a veterinarian at the Animal Welfare Society of South Florida, has been working hard, at the nonprofit clinic at 2601 SW 27th Ave., in Miami.

“It’s just important to help people out,” Carter said.

Carter said inflation has also impacted the prices of veterinary care.

“These days people are struggling financially and the sad thing is these people have pets, and when they are struggling with their bills they can’t afford care for their pets,” Carter said.

The nonprofit clinic has treated about 4,000 animals annually, according to Renee Bleemer, the president of the Animal Welfare Society of South Florida.

“From the very beginning, we have been committed to helping people and their pets with affordable veterinary care, from everyday routine vaccinations and exams to doing the most intricate and delicate surgeries,” Bleemer said.

The clinic can provide ultrasounds and laser therapy. It has a state-of-the-art lab and a pharmacy. Bleemer said they received a grant from Petsmart Charities that will keep the compassionate care going, so pet owners in need must apply for it.

“Once they are qualified, we are able to do everything from treating illnesses to surgeries,” Bleemer said.

Edward Fernandez’s cat named Snowy needed surgery. Someone recommended the clinic and through the compassionate care aid, he was able to get his cat help.

“A guy just saved my cat’s life today! He is now in surgery and the doctor told me everything is going to be ok,” Fernandez said.

His is one of the many untold compassionate care stories at the clinic.

“We exist to try to strengthen the human-animal bond and we never want to see a pet owner have to face giving up their pet because they can’t afford medical care,” Bleemer said.

For more information about how to make a donation before the end of the year, visit this page.

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