The line outside the new Doney Coe Pet Clinic in south King County can build quickly with pet parents like Sue Wells and her 14-year-old dog, Snookums.

“He had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. We’re so thankful for Doney Coe that he was able to come in and be seen,” Wells said.

With the door barely open, clinicians don’t have much time to stop.

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“So far I’m on patient #6,” said veterinarian Dr. Lara Kreyenhagen.

The Doney Coe pet clinic has been providing critical veterinary care including medications at zero cost for nearly 40 years. Clients qualify if they’re below the poverty limit or are experiencing homelessness.

“They really just love their pets and want what’s best for them,” said Dr. Kreyenhagen.

The clinic lost its space nearly a year ago and King County leaders worked together to move the clinic into a leased space on Airport Way South.

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“This clinic, with its mission to ensure that all animals have healthy fulfilling lives brings us closer to the vision of creating a King County where everyone, people and animals, can thrive,” said King County, Executive Dow Constantine at the clinic’s grand opening last weeks.

Demand for services grew during the pandemic, but many veterinary clinics are struggling to stay staffed.

“It’s a huge commitment for them because they’re short of vets too. We need more vets,” said Doney Coe Bard President Marti Casey.

Thanks to their generosity, the clinic will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and two Saturdays a month.

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