Bend-based Street Dog Hero recently traveled to a city on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for a spay and neuter clinic that could keep millions of dogs and cats off the streets in the next few years.

The organization said it spayed and neutered 895 dogs and cats at the event in Kanas├Čn, Mexico, which is a new record for Street Dog Hero.

It says spaying or neutering one male and one female can prevent 67,000 births in six years, according to the North Shore Animal League of America. Do the math and that means tens of millions of births will be prevented.

8 husky puppies rescued from euthanasia, brought to Bend by Street Dog Hero

“(They) won’t have to suffer from sickness, starvation, or be at risk of getting hit by cars, nor will they have to worry about finding a place to sleep or their next meal,” Street Dog Hero said in a statement .

Each spay/neuter surgery costs $23, but the surgeries were provided for free or at a low cost for the community, the organization said in thanking its donors and followers for their support.

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