St. Louis-based Purina has unveiled the #PurinaRecyclesChallenge, a novel campaign encouraging pet owners to creatively recycle their pet food cans. This initiative, running until December 15, 2023, seeks to highlight the importance of recycling while supporting The Recycling Partnership with donations potentially reaching $100,000.

According to Gopi Sandhu, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability at Purina, this challenge is part of a broader effort to promote sustainability and encourage recycling among consumers. By showcasing simple acts of recycling through social media, Purina aims to make a significant environmental impact, especially given the recyclability of aluminum and steel cans.

Why Recycling Matters

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that only 32 percent of waste is recycled in the United States, a concerning statistic considering the recyclability of materials like pet food cans. Purina’s campaign underscores the environmental benefits of recycling, including the substantial energy savings associated with using recycled aluminum over raw materials.

Participating in the Challenge

Pet owners are invited to join the #PurinaRecyclesChallenge by sharing their recycling trick shots on Instagram and TikTok. For each original video uploaded with the designated hashtag, Purina pledges a $10 donation to The Recycling Partnership, and an additional $1 for every social interaction, aiming for a total contribution of up to $100,000. This effort not only fosters a sense of community among pet owners but also supports nationwide access to recycling facilities.

Purina’s Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond the recycling challenge, Purina is dedicated to improving its packaging sustainability. Currently, nearly 90 percent of its plastic packaging is recyclable, with a goal to reach 95 percent by 2025. The company’s broader sustainability initiatives include supporting organizations like The Recycling Partnership, which works to enhance the recycling system in the US

Through campaigns like the #PurinaRecyclesChallenge and ongoing sustainability efforts, Purina aims to contribute to a healthier planet for both pets and their owners. Such initiatives not only highlight the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives.

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