AHWAHNEE—Hi, you don’t have double vision. There really are two of us this week.

I’m Sonny


I’m Sonny, a Chihuahua/short hair mix, and I am in the senior part of my life at 9 years old. I only weigh a little over 15 pounds, so I’m easy to tote around. But wait! You don’t have to carry me because I love to go for walks and do well on a leash. I have a date with the vet, if you know what I mean, on March 18.


I’m Sissy.

I’m Sissy, also a Chihuahua/short hair mix and also 9 years old and pretty small at about 13 pounds. And I’m so sweet that I have a heart shape on my face. I love to run and jump and play with Sonny as if we were still puppies.

We came to this nice shelter together and would love to stay together, but it is not a requirement. Won’t you give one (or both) of us a place in your home and heart to live out our sunset years?

Give our current residence a shout-out if you’d like to meet us. Call 559-404-0925 or check us out, along with other potential adoptees, here.

SPECIAL NEWS FLASH! Our friend, Ramsey, who’d been a resident here longer than any of us, just got adopted this week. Can we be next?

Sonny in Action

By fersz