When pet foods and treats are recalled due to bacterial or other contamination, pet owners may have questions and concerns they bring to the veterinary team. Resources on the AVMA website can help you answer these questions, including a new webpage that outlines best practices for safely handling pet food and treats.

New resource: Keep animals and people safe

Animal food and treat recalls provide an important reminder about the importance of handling food and treats safely. Owners don’t always realize that their pet’s food and treats—just like people’s food—need to be handled carefully to avoid potential contamination and illness in both pets and people. 

That’s why the AVMA now has a webpage you can use to help clients understand how to safely handle pet food and treats. The page explains both the how and why of handling food and treats, from hand washing and when to dispose of products, to which groups of people are most at risk of illness from potential bacterial exposures.

The next time you hear or read a news report about recalled pet food products, share this webpage with your clients and your team. Help spread the word to keep both animals and people safe.

What products have been recalled—and why?

Did you know that the AVMA also tracks and provides information about animal-related product recalls and safety alerts, including animal foods or feeds and pet treats? They’re all in a searchable list at avma.org/Recalls. You can search by product name or keyword, sort alphabetically or by recall date, and filter the list to show only food or non-food alerts.

This practical resource can help both you and your clients stay informed about recalls and safety issues on an ongoing basis. And the list goes back several years, so you also can check on older products.

To learn about new recalls in real time, follow the AVMA on social media, including @AVMARecallWatch on X, formerly known as Twitter.

By fersz