Saipan Humane Society will be conducting clinic services for pets on Rota tomorrow, Nov. 18, from 10am to 4pm, at the Round House in Songsong Village.

This clinic is being done in collaboration with the office of Rep. Julie A. Ogo (Ind-Rota), Rota Mayor’s Office, 19th Rota Municipal Council Office, and the Rota Department of Lands & Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Division.

Ogo said that part of the effort to reduce the stray animal population on the island is providing professional care to pets, which will hopefully shift to better home care of pets.

“I hope that this kind of collaboration will continue. “It is unfortunate that these care providers are not immediately accessible to the outer island of Rota, but the periodic access, when available, may be just the thing that will encourage pet owners to take better care of their pets between clinic visits,” Ogo said in a news release yesterday.

The clinic service will provide vaccination/medication, flea and tick prevention, and examination. The incentive to bring pets to the clinic will be the distribution of pet foods.

For more information, contact the Rota Mayor’s Office at (670) 532-9451/2, Rota Municipal Council Office at (670) 532-4046, office of Rep. Julie A. Ogo at (670) 664-8888, Rota DLNR, FWD at (670) 532-1345, or SHS at (PR)

By fersz