LEXINGTON, Va. – A jury has decided the state was justified in selecting 71 out of 100 animals they took during a search at Natural Bridge Zoo last December.

The jury deliberated for about 10 hours, coming back shortly before midnight.

The 71 seized animals include four giraffes, 12 white faced capuchins and a green Burmese python, among many other animals. 29 animals will be returned, including an albino Burmese python, a kookaburra, and six ring-tailed lemurs.

There will be a post-trial motions hearing on April 4 at 2 pm to consider bond amount in the case of a second appeal. The state asked for unannounced inspections at the zoo and to consider the cost of caring for the animals then too.

One witness spoke earlier on Monday, a Virginia State Police officer, who said that during the search zookeepers couldn’t care for most of the animals until after 1 pm

The defense argued that’s why their enclosures look dirty in pictures. Special prosecutor Michelle Welch disagrees.

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“They have been living and being deprived of adequate care and cruelly treated, for years,” Welch said.

“We do not have animals that have any evidence of cruel treatment, we do not have animals with any evidence of a deprivation of veterinary care,” said Erin Harrigan, the zoo’s defense attorney.

If you remember, this case is on appeal. Last month a judge ruled that around 60 of the animals seized were justified.

Monday’s decision:

71 animals seized remaining:

1 green Burmese python

1 female gibbon

6 cotton top tamarins

2 ball pythons

12 white faced capuchins

4 brown faced capuchins

4 giraffes

3 aldabra tortoises

7 sulcata tortoises

14 macaws

3 ground hornbills

4 red-footed tortoises

1 dog (kuvasz type)

1 mini donkey

5 red-eared slider turtles

1 painted turtle

1 blue-tongued skink

29 will be returned:

1 albino burmese python

1 male gibbon

2 sacred ibis

1 kookaburra

1 Poitou donkey

2 red ruffed lemurs

3 white ruffed lemurs

6 ringtailed lemurs

1 sulfur crested cockatoo

4 amazon parrots

2 pink and gray cockatoos

1 sheep

2 llamas

1 serval

1 macaw

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