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The pet food processing market is experiencing rapid transformation due to rising pet ownership, the humanization of pets, and a strong focus on health and wellness. Premiumization trends drive demand for high-quality, functional ingredients. This growth, coupled with increasing e-commerce sales and a push for sustainability, presents both lucrative opportunities and challenges.

New Delhi, Feb. 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As per Astute Analytica, the global pet food processing market, with a 2023 valuation of US$ 5,296.3 million, shows strong potential and is projected to surpass the market size of US$ 8,700.3 million by 2032, driven by a CAGR of 5.67% during the forecast period 2024-2032.

The pet food processing market is going through significant changes. Pet owners want transparency, personalized solutions, and health-focused nutrition. The focus on pets’ health prompted the microbiome revolution. Soon, prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics formulated for pets will be everywhere in the same way human nutrition is moving towards this direction. Therapeutic nutrition is being developed because 30% of pet owners globally are willing to pay more for scientifically proven food with health benefits. This could even overlap with veterinary medicine to manage conditions like obesity, allergies, and cognitive decline.

Sustainability is a big concern that cannot be put aside. Combatting food waste has become a huge priority with upcycled ingredients from food production entering the pet food supply chain. Not only does this benefit the environment but it also brings new types of nutrients into pet’s diet! Personalization isn’t limited to humans; we’re now able to give animals tailored kibble blends based on breed, age, health history and activity level thanks to AI and predictive analytics.

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Of course, though — there are challenges ahead of the pet food processing market. Navigating through regulations regarding therapeutic ingredients is slowing down the pace at which we innovate so striking a balance between scientific accuracy and consumer-friendly marketing should be at the top of our lists in order to maintain trust in our products long-term. Supply chain volatility and novel proteins acceptance could also set us back significantly compared to other markets. The numbers are looking good though — by 2032 we’re projected t reach $150 billion in market value globally. Companies that currently lead innovation such as Mars Petcare, Nestle Purina, Farmina, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and Royal Canin will probably drive sales upwards as they have been doing throughout time.

Key Findings in Pet Food Processing Market

Market Forecast (2032)

US$ 8,007.3 million



Largest Region (2023)

North America (36.2%)

By Type

Processing Equipment (28.9%)

By Form

Dry Pet Food (72.9%)

By Application

Dog food (40.4%)

By Distribution Channel

Online (86.2%)

Top Trends

  • Premiumization of pet food

  • Focus on pet health and wellness

  • Increased demand for sustainable ingredients

Top Drivers

  • Rising pet ownership rates globally

  • Humanization of pets influencing choices

  • E-commerce growth in pet food sales

Top Challenges

  • Ingredient sourcing and supply chain bottlenecks

  • Meeting palatability demands for discerning pets

  • Regulatory hurdles for novel ingredients

Pet food Processing Equipment Leading Pet Food Processing Market with More than 29% Revenue Contribution

The pet food processing equipment segment is one of the fastest-growing segments in a booming pet food industry. The rapid expansion of the pet food industry is driven by the soaring popularity of processed types of pet food (kibble, wet foods and treats), as well as premiumization trends that are pushing manufacturers to add new ingredients, create specialized textures and meet the highest possible safety standards. On top of all this, automation is being sought out for efficiency and labor concerns. This surge in demand has created significant investments in technologically advanced equipment.

Easy access to high-quality pet nutrition has allowed for the overall growth of the pet food processing market worldwide, and with more pets comes a higher demand for processed foods. Due to labor shortages and cost increases, automated solutions have become vital for manufacturers. As sustainability becomes more important socially, so does resource conservation. This means consumers want their products through systems that minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. Lastly, even though it seems like common sense now – food must be safe to eat before our animals can eat it.

Moving forward, Astute Analytica anticipate continuous innovation in pet food processing equipment, driven by the evolving demands of pet owners and the industry’s commitment to high-quality, healthy, and sustainable pet nutrition.

Dry Pet Food Processing Generate More Than 72% Revenue of Overall Food Processing Market, But Faces Challenges

While dry pet food is convenient and cheap, it has complexities in production that many are unaware of. Nutrients get burned away during the high-temperature process. Some companies in the pet food processing market do combine different methods to make sure nutrients stay intact for our pets. Getting many ingredients at once also becomes a problem for suppliers who need to keep a steady flow of them. Not only does quality matter, but they must be traceable and sustainable. Dry pet food producers are always trying to compete with wet, or even fresh foods. Flavors can be completely lost if stored for too long so there’s continuous innovation being put into making it taste better while still having a long shelf life. It is known that if dry pet food stays on shelves for too long, nutrient stability takes a hit along with the overall product quality.

Pet food safety regulations are strict which is good but it can cause problems down the line. The process of getting new ingredients approved by regulators is slow and expensive. This goes double for things that have any therapeutic claims behind them. These hold back health-focused formulations from entering pet food processing market compared to human supplement market. Incorporating probiotics into dry food means ensuring these beneficial bacteria survive extrusion processes and remain viable long-term which gets complicated quickly.  Conversely, figuring out what prebiotic fibers will promote a healthy pet microbiome requires extensive research and species-specific considerations… Communicating these benefits to consumers in an effective way takes clarity along with scientific backing to build trust within this evolving area of pet nutrition.

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Cat Food Sector Poised for Lucrative Growth

The cat food processing market is on the verge of experiencing substantial revenue growth.  A number of factors are converging than make it clearer.  Cat ownership is going up all over the world, with Europe alone caring for 127.2 million pet cats and a quarter of EU homes owning at least one cat.  People who own cats are beginning to think of them as family, so they’re demanding better and better food – this can be seen in Spain’s dry cat food sales that grew by 16.6% and the rise of wet cat food sales by 17.6%.  This rising demand outpaces what’s being provided, which was admitted by Pet Food Processing when it showed off their new products: 94 dog products and only 21 new cat ones in just one year! Typically overshadowed by dogs, innovation in cat food is speeding up due to companies realizing how much money they could make if they let loose a little bit. Additionally, the rise of e-commerce and a generation of cat-loving Millennials and Gen Z living in smaller urban spaces further propels this lucrative growth trajectory.

North America and Europe are Home to Global Pet Food Processing Market

North America and Europe take the global pet food processing market by storm with North America leading the pack. Over 70% of US households have a pet and around 91 million European households do as well. For the US, dogs are most popular (found in over 69 million households) while cats hold the edge for overall numbers across Europe. Dry pet food is winning at a high rate, especially in North America, but wet food holds a bigger share of Europe’s market. In both regions, it’s clear that consumers want premium options; high-quality, organic, natural, and human-grade ingredients. Quality is paramount to many customers and more than half of pet owners prioritize foods that offer functional benefits. Sustainability is also important with ethical sourcing and eco-friendly packaging making up major decision factors for consumers. E-commerce is taking over sales channels in both regions as we see retail sectors go digital. The North American market is valued at billion; projected to hit $5.85 billion by 2029. Europe trails close behind valued at over billion.

Premium food sales beat out overall growth and super-premium is currently the fastest-growing segment in the United States’ pet food processing market. Wherein, the ecommerce sales witnessing a significant growth; showing that health-conscious pet parents aren’t afraid to break open their piggy banks for their pets. Cats may not be as popular as dogs in the US, but they do own a spot within 13% of all US pets. Europe has a special place for them too but dog ownership remains strong regardless. Stricter EU regulations on ingredients and labeling significantly affect how Europeans approach shopping for their pets. Across all animals though one thing remains clear: People want specialized products made just for their furry friends. Even though household titles such as Poland and Hungary already consume an outrageous amount of pet food demand continues to skyrocket.

Global Pet Food Processing Market Key Players

  • Andritz AG

  • Baker Perkins Ltd

  • The Bühler Holding AG

  • Clextral SAS

  • F.N. Smith Corporation

  • GEA Group AG

  • Mepaco Group

  • Precision Food Innovations

  • Reading Bakery Systems

  • Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd

  • The Middleby Corporation

  • Other Prominent Players

Key Segmentation:

By Type

By Form

By Application

  • Dog food

  • Cat food

  • Fish food

  • Others

By Distribution Channel

By Region

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