In the fourth quarter of 2023, BRF’s pet food division increased 1.8% over the same quarter in 2022. Superpremium pet foods fueled this growth, as well as BRF’s first pet food sales in Ecuador and the United Arab Emirates.

Superpremium brands Biofresh and Guabi Natural expanded their share of pet sales in 2023 compared to the previous year, growing above market rates, according to the company. BRF’s cat food category grew in volume by double-digits.

“To stimulate growth, GranPlus, the Special Premium brand, debuted with an advertising campaign on broadcast television, while Biofresh launched an unprecedented campaign in partnership with a new advertising agency,” BRF representatives wrote in financial documents. “This campaign reinforced its quality attributes as a superpremium natural brand, made with fresh ingredients.”

About BRF in the pet food industry

Annual revenue for BRF’s pet food division reached US$240,000,000 in 2022, according to Petfood Industry’s top companies database. One of the world’s top poultry, compound feed producers, BRF, entered the Brazilian pet food market in 2021 with the acquisitions of established manufacturers Hecosul and Mogiana Alimentos. The company paid R$1.35 billion (US$234 million) for the two companies. BRF said the acquisitions gave it 10% of the Brazilian petfood market.

Hercosul produces and distributes dry and wet dog and cat foods, with brands such as Biofresh, Three Dogs, Three Cats, Primocão, Primogato, Apolo and Átila. It has plants in Ivoti and Vacari in Brazil and a new plant in Doctro Jaun Leion Mallorquin, Paraguay.

Mogiana’s product portfolio includes superpremium Guabi Natural, Gran Plus in the high premium segment, Faro in the premium segment, in addition to the Herói and Cat Meal brands in the standard segment. The company operates with a strong presence in the southeast region, in addition to exporting products to countries in the Caribbean, Europe and South America. For this purpose, the company has two production units in Campinas and Bastos, Brazil.

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