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BARK is expanding its consumables business with the launch of its first full collection of seven unique dog treat flavors. The Snack Pack from BARK features treats inspired by classic breakfast cereals with corresponding mascots and surprises in every box. The treat collection, including four flagship 10-ounce boxes and three resealable 10-ounce bags, is now available in Target stores, on and on

With new recipes developed by BARK’s team of dog food experts and nutritionists, the collection offers a variety of meat and allergy-friendly options in crunchy and soft-baked textures, and all are free of artificial preservatives, corn and soy:

  • Frosted Socks: Crunchy, yogurt berry dog ​​treats made with real fruit and yogurt
  • Fruity Toot Loops: Crunchy, mixed berry dog ​​treats made with real fruit and nutritious grains
  • Go Nuttys: Honey peanut flavored soft-baked dog treats made with nutritious grains
  • Lucky Duckies: A turducken recipe soft-baked dog treat packed with protein
  • Clucky Nuggy Yums: Chicken nugget recipe soft-baked dog treat packed with protein and nutritious grains
  • Beefy Meat Hunks: Soft and meaty beef recipe dog treats packed with protein and nutritious grains
  • Porky Meat Hunks: Soft and meaty pork recipe dog treats packed with protein and nutritious grains

Designed by BARK’s in-house design team, The Snack Pack product packaging is said to be reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s cereal boxes, with interactive activities on the back of each box to engage both dogs and dog parents. Each package also includes a QR code, revealing the chance to win fun prizes for customers including a free year-long BarkBox, Super Chewer or BARK Bright subscription, free toys and treats and other surprises.

To coincide with the treats, BARK is releasing plush dog toy versions of each treat’s mascot, including Jim Sock, Tooty the Toot, Goober B. Nutty, Lucky McDuck, Old Goldie and Hunk Stickman, each sold separately. BARK designed each mascot character with their own storyline and relationship with dogs and their treats, extending the experience beyond mealtime to playtime.

BARK says it is prioritizing growing its consumables business in 2024.

“We’re thrilled to dive deeper into consumables with The Snack Pack launch, which will build on our growing consumables footprint in both retail and direct-to-consumer channels,” said Matt Meeker, cofounder and CEO of BARK. “BARK’s success began with our subscription boxes, which deliver best-in-class and original toys, high quality treats and entertaining themes that bring joy to millions of dogs and their parents. We’re bringing that same fun and innovation to retail pet aisles to introduce even more dog parents to BARK and our growing product portfolio.”

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