Meet Ajax and Amos, the current resident beagles. Beagles are known for their gentleness, hunting skills, and their wonderful sense of smell. Ajax is a 1-year-old who was abandoned by his owner, but has maintained his sweet and fun personality. He is ready to make someone very happy. He enjoys exploring along with plenty of exercise. Ajax is intelligent and trainable with positive reinforcement. He wants to be part of a family.

Then there’s Amos, a happy-go-lucky beagle who was also abandoned by his owner. He’s 3.5-years-old and is ready for a new furever home. Amos is a sweet boy who enjoys exploring, meeting new people and playing with his doggy friends. He is treat motivated and will be easy to train. Amos is a loving boy and will need a family that can give him plenty of attention.

By fersz