Ukrainian producer Kormotech has adopted a new growth strategy, aiming to become one of the world’s top 30 pet food makers by 2028.

“Kormotech plans to overtake more than 20 global companies in five years, when the production expansion in Lithuania is fully launched,” the company said in a statement provided to “At present, [local subsidiary] Kormotech UAB Lithuania operates a modern robotics plant in the economic zone of Kėdainiai. The construction of four new production lines is planned for the years 2025 to 2028 with the support of [the country’s foreign investment agency] Invest Lithuania.”

Under the plan, the Ukrainian business is to invest some €60 million (US$64.5 million) in its Lithuanian production capacities.

The company hopes to continue to increase its export sales in the coming years, said Rostyslav Vovk, the CEO and co-owner of the Ukrainian pet food maker.

“We export to 42 countries, but 15 countries in the region have been selected as priority markets where we expect growth and will strengthen our presence according to the strategy for the next 5 years,” he said. “Romania is one of Kormotech’s biggest exports partners in the region, along with Moldova, Hungary and Poland. We see prospects here and we want not only to make our Optimal and Club 4 Paws brands popular, but also to change attitudes towards pets and create what we call a culture of responsible pet parenting.”

Vovk said the company wishes to convey a “message that Kormotech’s production, distribution and innovations have already expanded beyond Ukraine, and we are looking to further increase its international visibility and integration into global industry processes”.

“The ultimate goal is to change the ratio of export and domestic sales from 30% against 70% to 70% against 30%” according to the firm’s chief executive.

Most recently. Kormotech expanded its distribution in Spain and Italy, where it was exported for the first time in 2020. Earlier this year, the company unveiled two new partners there: Piensos Mary and Petschoice/Disegna.

Kormotech’s new corporate strategy defines the objective of raising the company’s annual sales to some US$500 million by 2028.

Meanwhile, Kormotech Ventures, the company’s venture arm, has been developing its activities since its launch last year. The entity made its first acquisition by investing in Rocketo, a start-up which makes dried organic pet food for the UK market. Kormotech Ventures’ management says it is looking for pet food startups involved in alternative feeds, alternative protein sources and promoting sustainability.

Georgian pet food producer to add new brand to portfolio

Georgia’s Nutrimax operates a pet food factory in the Caucasian country, and is readying to launch new products, according to company representatives.

Mariam Tishchenko, the marketing specialist at Nutrimax, told in a statement the plant was opened in 2022, and it is equipped with a capacity of up to 25,000 tons of pet food per year, including dry extruded food for cats, dogs, and aquaculture.

“Prior to 2023, the Georgian market relies heavily on imports of all kinds of pet food and supplements,” he said. “Since last March, three Nutrimax-produced dry food brands for dogs and cats, namely Winny, Simpo, and Skippy, have made a significant impact on the market.”

In addition to its domestic market, the Georgian company sells its output in Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Moldova, according to Tishchenko.

“Looking ahead, Nutrimax is focused on expanding its product range. In the next two months, we are set to introduce a new premium [pet] food brand, Competento, to the market,” she said.

Turkish pet food maker to launch sales in the Philippines

Turkish pet food producer Çağatay Pet Food has unveiled plans to kick off sales of its flagship cat food brands in the Philippines.

“Our best-selling cat food brands, LaMito and LaMitomix, are coming soon to the Philippines,” the company said in a statement.

“With their high-quality and nutritious ingredients, LaMito contributes to the health of your furry friends. Soon, they will be available for cats in the Philippines,” according to Çağatay Pet Food.

In addition to cat food, the Turkish business also offers dog food sold under a number of brands, including Kucho and Kennel.

Set up in 1982 by local entrepreneur Oktay Çağatay, the company says it has an annual production capacity of about 45,000 tons per year, offering dry and wet pet food to its customers in Turkey and abroad.

Çağatay Pet Food is based in Izmir, in the Türkiye’s western part. The manufacturer’s facilities are fitted with a footprint of 16,000 square meters (172,200 square feet), according to data from Çağatay Pet Food.

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